I Met My Girlfriend when I Went out Alone One Night

Tired of spending all my time cooped up in my apartment, I wanted to get out for just one night and do something different. Little did I know that I would end up meeting the love of my life by doing so. I could have trolled around the city for the night in my old car, but I wanted to do something unique. Unique for me anyway. I was looking over http://viplimousinestoronto.com and thought it would be a nifty idea to rent a limo and tour the city on my own.

When I drive myself around, I miss a lot of things. I miss details. I miss getting to people watch. I miss noticing beauty that I don’t normally notice because I am so busy keeping my eyes on the road. Read More »

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Shopping in Milan – An Unrivaled Experience

Keen shoppers from the world over love the thought of trips to Milan. Why is the Italian destination so popular with the cream of the shopping crop? The answer is simply because it is home to so many fabulous designer boutiques and shopping experiences. Milan is a beacon for stylish shoppers, meaning it’s the ideal holiday destination for anyone hopping to indulge their shopping habits in the most luxurious and desirable way possible.

As the home of Armani and Versace, Milan’s fashion credentials are clear to see, so take a trip to this stunning city to drape yourself in some of the hottest styles around next time you feel the urge for shopping trip. If you’re a real label-lover, then the pinnacle of your shopping experience in Milan is likely to be found in the Quadrilatero d’Oro – Golden Quad – area. Here you’ll find massive names like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada and Valentino too all in one divine square of shopping heaven. It’s also a great place just to have a wander around, even if the designer names are a little out of your price range.

For mid-price of high street shopping as well as some of Milan’s bigger names, you can take a trip to the lovely Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – a 19th century shopping mall that’s been beautifully preserved – or to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a covered shopping street packed with popular international brands.

However, not all shoppers taking a trip to Milan have their heart set on bagging some designer clothes or new outfits – the city is also an excellent place to find gorgeous antique markets offering a luxurious way to furnish your home as well as a whole range of bustling street markets that add a little oomph to the shopping experience. If you’re good at haggling, you’ll certainly find yourself more at home on the markets, and you could get your hands on some quality fashion wear too. However, you should be aware that the big names you find on market staffs are very likely to be fakes.

With such a strong pedigree in shopping, travellers are quick to agree that the shopping experience is one of the best in the world. Choose hotels in Milan with plenty of storage space and leave some extra space in your bags when you take a shopping trip to the city, as you’re sure to leave with more goodies than you bargained for.

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Historical Milan

“Fashion” and “Style”, these are the words which people commonly think of whenever the name of “Milan” comes in the mind. The city is in Italy with a population of about 1.3 million. The city is the capital city of the province in Italy.

Having covered an area of about 181 square kilometers Milan is located in the “Padin Plain”.

Climate wise it is as expected according to the seasons as the summers are very hot and humid and the winters are cold.

According to Milan’s history, in 400 BC Milan was ruled by Romans and during that time it was given the title of the capital of the Western Roman Empire. After Romans the city was hugely dominated by Spanish, French, and the Austrians. After these eras then came the time of Napoleon and the city was made the capital of “Cisalpine Republic”, and later was declared as the capital of Italy.

As the city of Milan is very rich in history so now a days this history can easily be seen in their structures, constructions and architectures. There are lots of places in the City which receive a heavy tourist amounts throughout the year. There are architectures about the Roman Empire. There are a lot of buildings which are a true representation of the Gothic Construction Styles. The greatest example of such type of construction inside Milan is the “Cathedral” which is known to be the fourth biggest cathedral in the world.

Economically Milan is considered as the financial platform for Italy. The city alone has a Gross domestic Product (GDP) of US $ 312.3 billion. Milan is mostly famous for its fashionable designs of clothes and all the stuff related to fashion and style. As some of the biggest brands have a background of Milan. If Milan today is given the status of a country, then economically it would be ranked as twenty-eighth economy of the world.

In the educational sector Milan has about 40 universities which are well known for their quality education. Also these universities have the honour of producing more graduates than any other university in Italy. Milan’s oldest University came into being in the 18th century and is named as “Politecnico di Milano”. This university is also the biggest university of the city.

In the field of sports as Italy’s major sport is football so Milan also has two football clubs which share the same home ground known as “San Siro”. The club’s are great rivals to each other and when there is local Milan derby game, you won’t be able to find a ticket for the game even months before. These two clubs are known as “AC Milan” and F.C. Internazionale Milano. Milan is the only city in world that has two different teams and both of them are very successful in European and other competitions.

The Italian Grand Prix is also very important to the people living in the city. They have the honour of hosting the “Italian Grand Prix”.

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Italy Luxury Hotels – Finding the Right One!

Italy is filled with magnificent sights of all kinds, from beautiful towns and glorious buildings and structures, to sophisticated culture, to spectacular natural beauty all-round. There are numerous places all over Italy that would be worth a visit, though there is certainly a little of everything – the fascinating towns, culture and scenery – in almost every major city and touristy areas.

One of the most famous areas in Italy – to both vacationers and religious pilgrims – is Rome, where the Vatican City is centred. Rome, as the capital of Italy, has numerous first-class luxurious hotels, like Hotel Majestic Roma, The Westin Excelsior Rome, and many more. There are plenty of things to do in Rome, which is set against the beautiful Seven Hills and its towns. In Rome and Vatican City there are numerous world-famous attractions like The Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum, and many other museums, churches, galleries and such.

The other main cities, like Milan, Florence and Venice, are greatly known for their own unique cultures. Milan is a very chic, modern town, a great centre for luxurious hotels, high-end shopping, fashion, opera, and nightlife. Florence, which is known for its cultural, artistic and architectural atmosphere, also houses many premier hotels. Venice, on the other hand, is a very beautiful, peaceful town, with numerous first-class hotels and attractions. These three towns all boast a huge array of museums, galleries and other wonderful sights and attractions.

One of the more popular resort towns in Italy is Rimini, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s East coast. There are numerous hotels here, such as the first-class Grand Hotel Rimini eResidenza Grand Hotel. Rimini has a long history, where early settlements have appeared since prehistoric times, making it a very worthwhile visit. The surrounding scenery here is also an impressive one.

Another wonderfully relaxing holiday destination is Capri and Ischia, in the Bay of Naples. Both islands boast spectacular scenery and magnificent beaches, as well as a number of first-class luxury hotels. Capri makes a wonderful relaxing getaway, while Ischia is famous for its volcanic thermal springs.

Calabria in southern Italy is also a noted holiday destination, with untouched natural landscapes, beaches and hillside towns. A must-visit are the ancient Greek temples and Byzantine churches in the countryside, and the Praja a Mare beach. There are numerous luxurious hotels around Calabria.

For a snow-filled, fun holiday in the mountains of Italy, there is Courmayeur in Northwest Italy. A very popular destination to skiers and mountaineers, there are several alpine resorts, set against the spectacular background of wonderful sceneries and culture.

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Trendy Design Hotel Milan, Italy: Enterprise Hotel Milan

Furthermore Italy and Milan are known in particular for excellent wining and dining. One of the reasons why the Italian lifestyle is described as “La Dolce Vita”, a sweet kind of living.

Whenever you will visit Milan, the Enterprise Hotel Milan is absolutely the place to stay. In 2004 “Business Traveller” magazine voted the hotel for “One of the World’s Best Individual and Stylish Paces to Stay.” By this we can conclude that not only tourists will feel more than welcom, businessmen and businesswomen will feel at home as well.

The hotel is situated in a building that used to be a radio factory in the early fifties. Later a leader in fashion a famous Italian weekly magazine was accommodated in the building.

In 2002 the hotel turned into a spectacular and Trendy Design hotel. For sure, in a city where fashion plays such an important role, the designers took care of every single detail. All furniture and equipment were exclusively designed for the hotel. The architecture is overwhelming, in particular the splendid marble staircase and not to forget the high ceilings and windows both in the lobby as well in the restaurant.

In one word; the design of the hotel rooms is superb! A dark parquet floor combined with modern and stylish furniture. The spacious bathroom is tiled with mosaic in a rainbow pattern. Could we have expected something else as we are in Italy?

Before discovering the city, the wine cellar of the hotel is well worth visiting. Not only wine is served, one of the finest Italian salamis can be found here as well.

Apart from the Enterprise Hotel we can give you some suggestions for shopping when visiting the city centre:

All world famous fashion designers can be found on the Via della Spiga. The Via Brera offers various art galleries.

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